What is Kay's Talent?

Kay’s Talent is what the industry calls a mother agency. We find new talent and get them in front of the industries leading talent agencies, modeling agencies, music producers and choreographers.

What type of talent are you looking for?

We scout for models, actors, singer, dancers, musicians and voice over artists. The more areas you are interested in the better.

How do I get discovered?

Schedule an audition. Make an impression. Become a part of the Kay’s talent team and start preparing yourself to meet and showcase your talent in front of the big wigs in the industry.

Is there an age minimum?

Yes, we take talent starting at the age of 4. There however is no age limit.

Does Kay's Talent prepare your for your start in the industry?

Yes, but keep in mind we are not a school. If you are selected by Kay’s Talent, we will prepare you for auditioning, marketing yourself to agents and working in the industry as a professional in the business not as a student in a classroom.

Is there a cost to audition?

No, there is no cost to audition. If an agency ever charges you to do so, run away; better yet strut away so they see how well you know how to walk the runway.